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I wish, but I don't think so. If the Facebook Live kidnappers and torturers only got community service, this bitch will hardly even get a slap onthe wrist.


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If she's white, I am 100% the punishment will be at least 3x harsher.

Life is good in the west if you're a nigger. Progressive whites treat niggers like kangz sheeit

There is never a race equality in America. Blacks went straight from slavery to 3/5ths to first-class citizens.

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can you imagine the butthurt outraged screaming 24/7 coast to coast if the races were reversed in this case?


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Prison these days is like free lodging and free food.

For some of these animals prison is a good place and they can make a ton of friends too.

Honestly what we need is concentration camps and other cruel or unusual punishment to deter crime. Forced labor for prisoners and torture for violent repeat offenders would be good. There is absolutely zero benefit for the law abiding society to not do human experimentation on repeat offenders other than "feels."

If we start treating repeat violent convicts like animal we would actually get some good test subjects that can save many innocent lives. Human rights should only be given for those who deserves it. For example if you are a terrorist who killed hundreds you are no longer human.


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