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Some reason not the Asian from California.. Asians from Asia yes, most Asians in America yes, but California they love them.


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Yup. Libtard city Asians follow the herd. I know an asian doctor who actually believes in the more than two genders thing. Paid $120,000 for an education and doesn't understand this basic fact


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California brainwashing too stronk.

A ton of whites from CA are beyond saving too.

The public education is fucked up, it's like a factory churning out leftard SJW snowflakes non stop.

Asian foreign students who did not undergo the brainwashing from young tend to be more conservative politically.


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not the ones Ive met


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You don't have Asian buddies.

Asians don't show political incorrectness openly to acquaintances. I'm Asian and can confirm that Asians are far more racist against niggers. In fact Asian companies openly discriminate against hiring niggers and prefer hiring whites for appearances.

Some Asians are openly white supremacist because it's edgy and it's the cool thing to do, figures like Hitler is idolized by many youths in places like South east asia and nobody is really against that (as in if the same thing is happening in the west there will be public backlash). Not to mention that Asian politics consist solely of right wing ideologies from nationalism to populism to nativism to protectionism and their culture is one of the few cultures left who worship traditional family structure and virginity culture.

Many Asian men and women think that having white spouse is bragging rights too. And half-whites are disproportionately represented as models and actors/actresses in Asia because they are considered to be the most attractive. On the other hand miscegenating with niggers is highly discouraged.

Btw all of these applies to pretty much everyone of them, including the buddhists, shintos, muslims, atheists, christians, of all shades of color. It's the "popular" mainstream mentality of the continent itself.


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umm, speaking from experience, Chinese regard black people as entertaining buffoons at best. Sure, they appreciate some black music and athletics, but they don't view blacks as being capable of sustaining high culture.

I'm not Asian, but my father is from Hong Kong and half of my friends growing up in Vancouver were Hongkongnese. They thought little of blacks, to put it mildly. I remember being out at a restaurant that a friend's father owned, and the father stated that he would beat his kids to death if they ever thought of dating a black. The rest of the adults at the table laughed.

Oddly enough, I found my Chinese friends to be quite racist towards south asians. I remember my best Asian friend telling me that Indians are greasy, hairy, ugly, smelly, untrustworthy, and ready to fuck you over. Never ever do a business deal with Indians, he warned me. I thought it was over the top at the time, but then i moved to Toronto and realized there was a LARGE grain of truth there.

Schreiber is correct. Asians do not talk openly like this to just anyone. If you think the nice quiet asian guy is all pro multiculturalism, you would be incorrect. I finally have a good mainland Chinese friend here in the USA, and he basically agrees with all the alt-right criticisms of feminism, jews, blacks, etc. He is, on the other hand, smart enough to keep those beliefs quiet.