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Picking corn out of Reddit's poop again, I see:


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Yep. OP surfs reddits wavebegons

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I'm going with skilled stuntman with a dummy on his back doing a movie shot.

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You think it's a dummy? It looks like she ducks her head pretty deliberately, I can't tell how he would influence that

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By a sudden brake or deceleration after a sharp acceleration?

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I would agree.

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Its a real stunt. You can see the camera right there at the end.

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its fucking fake..It looks unnatural.if i can that stunt then will u fucking pay for me!

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At first I thought it was fake, because the bodies seem to flatten and linger for a split second in that position before going in the window. It LOOKS unnatural.

But then, there’s more frames after where you can see their lower legs bounce around the window frame (very realistically), and you can see bodies in the bed of the truck through the hole the rear windshield left when it fell off.

I can’t fucking imagine what you would have to pay me to try that.

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Obviously fake