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Toddler mom here and seasoned playground slide professional. The trick is to lay on your back when going down some of those. They are not set up for a higher center of gravity. Also, some slides have rubber coating now at the bottom. Whatever you do don't use your feet to stop on those. You will stub your shin bone. I didn't think it was possible to stub a shin bone, but when you have two toddlers on your lap flying down those bastards and you naturally put your feet down to slow down, when your shoe it's the rubber....damn damn and double damn.Its a full stop, everyone bonus their heads against each other and you are suppressing a cry as you limp off that asshole slide.

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Last time I checked, them there were not meant for adults...But, seems like all the fun playground toys got phased out a long time ago. This must be jack-ass era old....

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I'd nickname him Ricochet.

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