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Am I the only person not totally shit your pants impressed?


All that sliding looked cool and all, but that had to make for some shit time in reality.

Props to him for having enough control to not flip the damn thing, but that was nowhere near a qualifying run.

You're supposed to break before corners, not kill yourself around them.

The first half of that gif looked clean as fuck, but that last part was just sloppy/lucky driving.

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I think the main purpose is probably fun.

You can't make any good time in a Maluch anyway.

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Those cars were built to be the cheapest cars ever, not to actually handle good. Aftermarket upgrades were limited as were the sport tire choices for the tiny wheels. So you probably cant turn one into a true rally machine. They are driven by amateur racers who have no sponsors and pay for everything out of their pocket. If they get a sponsor they also get a new car.

Also, they are often used in auto-x events where you take ultra tight turns at moderate speeds and you never really have the opportunity to get up to real speed. Also the grip on a parking lot is consistent and there is no corner camber.

If auto-x was what this driver typically does, then the rally is something that is totally out side of the scope of his racing experience.

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The ditch was sloppy/lucky as fuck, but he pulled it off. The driver could definitely benefit from being more proactive instead of reactive (1/2 second ahead rather than 1/2 second behind).

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if you break first around the corner, do you still die when you crash?

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Me on the way home with dinner

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Its like a coke can on wheels.

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a coked up coke can

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Reminds me of one of my first cars. A 79 Ford Fiesta Ghia, granted it only had a 1.6 L but it loved old dirt roads as much as I did.

Thanks for posting! Mahhhhh!

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I had a 89 Fiesta. 3 speed carbureted shitbox. Was great. Had so many problems but I enjoyed fixing shit with ducktape. I lost my keys so I had it permanently rigged so I could hot wire it.. Fuck it was a great car, I think I still have some photos and videos of it doing burnouts and whatnot..

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Great comment, thanks!

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The most redneck thing I'll see all day wasn't even American.

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It's the skill that matters.

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Not what I was expecting

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That ditch drift was amazing

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