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What you didn't see was the SR-71 flying 5 miles above them asking ground control for a speed check.

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That was fucking awesome, first time i heared this.

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Hey everyone! I get that reference!

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Don't text and fly!

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as a pilot, the idea of being this close to another aircraft, makes my arsehole pucker.

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There is some serious pucker factor the first time you are this close, so much so that I stood on the rudder subconsciously and had the plane twisted and uncoordinated. Eventually you get used to how small the pitch/power/bank changes have to be to stay in position. Whats really amazing is that everything that works straight and level also works at 90 degrees of bank, but it fucks with your head a little. Flying formation is a ton of fun, at least in training which is the only time I've ever done it.

Edit: here's a video of some Air Force formation training in our initial trainer the T-6 https://youtu.be/LNlEJhVJ_wI

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Have you ever seen aerial refueling videos?

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yes.. and all i have to say is NOPE!

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That's awack yo.

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This is probably a very dumb question, but why is there a rear view mirror in the cockpit? All he'd be able to see is the rio.

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Doesn't let him see 180° behind but gives him a few good angles behind him without having to waste precious milliseconds turning his heads.

Source: was a plane captain on the AH-1W cobra and UH-1N Huey for several years. Signed off hundreds of them as "safe for flight" and even got to fly a few times, even once fully armed in Afghanistan.

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Thanks for serving your country and the allies.

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It doesn't seem to be a rear view mirror. It seems like it's angle down. So my initial guess is that maybe it gives the pilot a view of that area of the cockpit without requiring him to look away from where he's going?

EDIT: Venture a guess. Get downvoated. Fuck you too, whoever you are.

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The Rio is taking the video

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I got the wrong person but it doesn't really answer the question. If that's the rio filming, he's seeing nothing in the mirror.

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on dey way to doing the jew's biddin'

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it really diminishes its awesomeness when you put that into perspective

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It would be so much more awesome to strap jews to bombs and then drop the jew-bombs on jews.

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amazing how the still so still

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