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I see at least 2 camera people. Soooo...bullshit.

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Plus, the shot is being taken from a helicopter. If this was legit, the title is still a lie. The helicopter would be a police chopper and he wouldn't have actually gotten away from them anyway!

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I always forget about the camera guy.

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If you want misleading staged content then Reddit is the place for you....

[–] ZYX321 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago  (edited ago)

I care. Because all the fake bullshit added drama and danger in American TV is something that has pushed me away. So I have a very negative reaction to having it added to things that are already interesting.

I have escaped from a silly cop thing on a dirt bike. If I shared the helmet can video and put in fake cop noises and fake back story, I would kill myself for it.

Seriously. We're one step away from the Asian game show version of a floating head in the bottom right showing you what emotion you're supposed to feel at the given moment.

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Straight up GTA right there.

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In GTA the cops would’ve got just as much air.

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They would crash into the ditch.

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Agreed. But they tend to not stick the landing. :)

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Literally, right out of the Caida Libre mission in GTA 5.

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them duke boys are at it again.

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Upvoat for a non-autistic response.

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Downvoat for a very autistic response.

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Cop lights aren't on, extra camera guy probably 40 feet away from the jump, yeah I don't know if this is legit or not.

The trail being there previously? Other folks could have jumped this in their spare time easily. Still pretty sick dirt biking.

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The OP linked the video above, but it was a jump that someone had been injured before while trying. The police were there to try and stop this guy from attempting the same jump.

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Ah makes sense now, not the best/smoothest landing so that's completely understandable.

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Reality TV = staged as fuck

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You can see the trail, this has been done before. Looks possibly set up or at least the cops weren’t in on the plan.

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Theres a guy on the other side filming.

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i would have clicked it even if it said staged in the title.

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and gay

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