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In his autobiography, Nigel Mansel said that he'd only ever done one 'perfect lap', and that this was during qualifying at Monaco one year. He does not recall ever contacting the walls, but on return to his pit, he noticed he'd rubbed all the Goodyear markings off the sidewalls of the four tyres.

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Thank you for sharing that.

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Wait, this is a common occurrence?

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Its as good of a turn as you can get, and its uncommon.

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The markings on the aall are a great indication it isnt highly common.

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How on the two inside tires?

Other drivers' tires?

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This is not NASCAR, they make right turns as well.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGczJCjpKqM Bring it on Danika you dumb bitch you think I can't steer left better than you?

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Meanwhile I tried my hands at sim racing, with a wheel and all that, and because I don't even watch motorsports just figured taking a fast car, going to online races and flooring it like a YOLO would be fun, and of course I ended up crashing in the first corner all the fucking time. Everybody told me you have to do a lot of laps to practice, but frankly driving alone feels like a job, not fun.

This was in Assetto Corsa. Then I tried iRacing. It was very sobering to see that to able to have such a low incident rate that I can get out of Rookie and get into D licence, I basically cannot compete, just drive at half the speed as the others. Even just trying to be not last I would have a too high incident rate.

Of course the answer is practice but I found practice so boring I rather stopped this hobby.

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I take it you tried doing this once or twice, @BentAxel?

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I just got into iRacing as a way to keep spending time with my dad. I'm amazed how tricky some tracks & cars are, so I'm glad I get to drive in VR and not ruin car after car getting the feel for each one.

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Can't touch that.

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Sooooo sick

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Probably helps that the driver isn't the one paying the bills. When you're paying you tend to be far less risky.

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Also consider MotoGP. https://streamable.com/by3qb

93 saved this.


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That's turn 1 at Norisring. Designed to to fuck up your shit if you have a wide turn radius.

Fun fact: Hitler used to hold massive rallies on that exact spot in Nuremberg.

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