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I go to a small bar that has mostly just regulars as customers (I'm not a regular. Just happen to know all of them). It's on the very end of a shopping center and the front is basically a tinted glass wall that is just short of being painted black. If you didn't know better, you'd think it was a closed down store with a big open parking lot, but the regulars park on the side out of sight.

Anyway, one night I was there and one of the guys spotted a nig walking through the parking lot between cars looking in all of the windows and trying door handles. He started to go after him, but another guy told him to wait a minute.

The next thing that happened was like a fucking cartoon or something. It was one of the funniest t moments I've ever seen. The black guy goes around the corner where the regulars park. The two guys go outside and follow him around the building. A few minutes later we all see the the black guy going back the way he came, scrapes all over, shirt torn, etc.

The guys come back in at about the same time. When someone asked what happened, one of them just responded with, "It looks like it's going to rain and my windows were down."


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Real men defend their stuff, their turf