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That is hilarious. I am fairly confident that if I tried to use that thing the first morning would have me ripping it from the wall, defecating on it and then driving it out to the river for 8 rounds of Turkey load before I threw its demon ass in the drink.

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Touche my friend. Fortunately I am a male, not a hippy and have a receding hairline so its 1st strike will be useless.

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That's Simone Gertz

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXLzfAHl4-k https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=mXLzfAHl4-k

I don't get why she used an Arduino if she is using a switch inside a clock. She could've just driven the relay coil straight from the switch I'd assume. Unless it's to make it timeout? Still overkill

Also, there are definitely transistors that can handle that kind of current. Not likely to find them at a hobby store but solid state control of motors in the hundreds of amps is not unusual

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I thought that MOSFETs were typically superior for high-current applications (lower Ron, and very little gate voltage compared to a BJT). Unless you're doing PWM, a relay is reliable and simple.

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Indeed. MOSFETs are transistors though. (That's what the T stands for)

And I agree about the relay. I was just poking at the point of not being able to find a transistor that wouldn't burn up. She was probably using small hobbyist type transistors or maybe not driving them to saturation

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Why is this lady sleeping in a utility closet with the lights on?

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She lives on a houseboat

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I personally thought she was in the laundry room, which hopefully, doubles as a kitchen.

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I keep duct tape by the bed too

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You have just made one of my favorite comments.

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I foresee many a teenage boy making a totally different use out of that machine. LOL

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They may as well just sit on their hand till it goes numb...

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when you say "new" you mean "someone-posted-this-5-months-ago-and-if-i-share-it-now-hopfuly-no-one-notice-and-i-can-get-my-upvotes" kinda new right?

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By new I mean it was a gif in an email containing articles on economics that I just got. But whatever, if you want to pretend voat is reddit, go ahead.

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just cheep it freash mate

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Replace hand with giant dildo.

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I'd bang her.

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