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This would be an awesome scene in an action film.... like if the barn was blowing up as he jumped out of the window, and he stuck his axes into two ninjas and then did a hand stand to catch a falling baby or like a really hot chick in her underwear with his feet.

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You should direct Bollywood movies

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No, Hollywood. They've lost anything resembling creativity and iate2manytacos has what they need. I haven't watched a new Hollywood movie in over a year, but I'd watch anything directed by iate2manytacos, especially if it was an exploitation style "B" movie action flick.

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The ground needs to be some kind of kill field like spikes or genetically modified army ants too.

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Every fatty on Tinder thinks they will end up with someone like him.

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I wonder how many faceplants that took to learn.

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Nice. Who is this person? Do you know?

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This is the one and only time I've ever liked the slow motion by itself. Normally I only like slow motion if the video also has the normal speed clip.

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I would eat so much shit doing this

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