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Pull fully next to front car. Turn all the tail inward until you can see the farthest headlight of the back car in your rearview. Once your nose is next to the front car's tail, turn the other way and swing in. Done.

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The easier method is to get out and let my boyfriend park the car

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/v/traditionalwives know their place.

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So, behind the wheel but can't actually drive...

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That's the spirit.

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OPs gif only works if you have a space thats a mile wide.

Using this method below Ive gotten into spaces where Ive had around 5-6 feet of extra space beyond the length of my car. 1) Put your right mirror down. This is how you line up your car with the lead car without making contact. The closer you get to the lead car the tighter the space you can get into. Do not try a 2 inch or less gap until you've practiced this a few times. 2) You do not move straight back, you still cut in. Its hard to describe how much since its more of a feel thing but you need to know when your back WHEEL is within about 2 feet of the curb. 3) Cut hard in the other direction once the front right corner of your car passes the back left corner of the lead car.

You will be amazed how that you just did that.

edit: https://voatpic.me/4AD48A3A21

Do not attempt a very tight park if your cars back end will not fit above the curb. Do not attempt with less than a foot gap from the lead car if its a truck or another vehicle with a high back end because your mirror will hit it.

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Looks like that's the same process, just a different reference.

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He doesn't pull up as far, and he doesn't target the far lamp.

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I really wanted the car to suddenly smash into both cars and a drunk falls out the driver door.

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For women, and asians.

I'm a Fucking man, we dont need help driving

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Indian men do, worse that asians in my opinion.

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And what continent is India in?

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Not that helpful. There are certain points you can see from the drives position that you must rely on if you want to automate this.

What @Mercury_Eunomia said for example, but you have to develop this for your specific car. I had a compact car for witch the starting point was to see the taillight of the parked car in a small triangular window. At that point go full lock and turn till im at 45deg. Then turn back the wheels and back up close to full depth. Full lock again and parallel up. Done.

Its gonna be different depending on the length of your trunk, the distance between axles, the position of your head, the sideways space to the parked car at the starting position...basically don't try to math this, just experiment on an empty lot till you develop a system for your specific car. @ZYX321

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You don't have all those problems when you play Spy hunter because the oil slicks and missiles usually take care of the issue.

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What a great game on the NES.

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I think you meant to say "What a great game on the ARCADE."

I'm not sure NES could recreate the game properly? Maybe. But when you have that yoke steering wheel with dual triggers and missile/oil slick/smoke screen buttons and it's springing back and forth, it's pure heaven.

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All cars have different turning radius what works for one won't necessarily work for all.

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So... Maximum parallel parking efficiency maneuver is the following?

  1. Determine sufficient space. Who knows how to do that.
  2. Pull past the rear of the front car (how much space should be between you?) until your rear axle is in line with the rear of their car.
  3. Turn the wheel hard right.
  4. Back until your fully turned front tires are parallel to the curb.
  5. Fully turn your wheels to the left.
  6. Back until you crash into the rear car or smash into the side of the front car.
  7. Leave in a panic.

I am terrible at parallel parking and drive a large vehicle. I have learned to just enjoy walks.

Also, I wish I could find a Java applet or something that would let me enter axles and overhangs and whatnot and calculate simulate and play with turning circles with trailers of various lengths and configurations.

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Super cab 8' bed truck here. I also enjoy long walks.

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70 ft long tractor trailer, try parallel parking in Brooklyn.

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kinda useful, last Car I drove got one of those Beeping Radar Rearview Backup Camera...got really lazy and dependent on the car technology

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I rented a car in Europe which parallel parked itself. I didn't know what the button marked || did until the rental guy showed me when I was returning the damn thing. He was inordinately proud of it, like his dad had invented it.

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1 - Finding your vehicles location is easy (really shouldn't be on the road if you don't !). Since they're largely symmetrical most vehicles have some kind of marker you can use as a reference. Windshield wipers for example or hood groves, rear mirror etc.

2 - Close but no. Signal first while approaching (before stopping). Then stop.

3 - Turn radius depends on vehicle. A compact will not have the same vehicle length.

4 - see #3

6 - Blame uber driver

I hate parallel parking mostly because city "planers" suck, they don't leave enough room to get out.

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Find parallel parking spaces.

Drive off and find sane parking elsewhere.

Walk remaining distance because I'm not a fatass.

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