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Lauren Southern is a man. Don't misgender him in Canada, it's illegal.

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Only in Ontario, someone should bomb Ontario...

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Muslims will eventually.

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The only man that I could say I'm gay for.

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We may have to fight over him. I want that mangina.

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That's a man.

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No, she's a man. Well in Ontario at least.

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Damn I want to drawn on her face with love mayonnaise.

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You want to inject her with 20 cc of liquid dream killer ehh?

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They also like raping other men. It fits.

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Hello new avatar

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Isn't she a jew

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No, she's not.

But she has once tried to piggy-back on the holocaust victim card by tweeting that her "grandparents had to flee Belgium (I think it was?) from the Nazis" or something to that effect. People incorrectly assume they must have been Jews to be fleeing from Nazis. Some Belgians welcomed their Nazi overlords, others became partisans and got themselves killed by attacking their Nazi overlords, and other Belgians tucked tail and ran.

This tweet was a couple years before she became an active figure on the right though. Think she was 20ish at the time?

Considering all she has done for promoting our views among normies -- particularly young male normies approaching adulthood, which is the most important group to recruit -- I think it's foolish to make a big deal out of a young girl trying to escape that feeling of perpetual guilt she was raised into by playing the victim that one time. If anything, it's something we should all be able to empathize with.

Of course, our enemies would love nothing more than to have us tear each other apart over trifles like this.

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She's still a civcuck though right? Totally ignorant of the JQ, I also think she said her parents were in a camp? The tweet is out there somehwere.

EDIT: FOUND IT. Nice try to discredit this INFORMATION though Shlomo, you and your 8 day old account are so obvious. Southern is just a money grubber with a push up bra, anyone who seriously considers the opinion of some woman who does't practices what she preaches- traditional lifestyle and having children fulfilling her purpose as a woman.



White Genocide is just a meme Goy, listen to this beautiful blonde shishka, don't worry.

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Yeah, he is only using whites to make shekels.

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Normal girl in every sense

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