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I thought I already knew how to drive like an idiot, but after viewing that I see I am an amateur.

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fucking asshole driver

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Average day in Texas. I have seen this 8 times in 8 months.

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That must've been a very good year! Do you live near the cities? DFW is retard driver central.

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Average day in NJ as well, I see this just as frequently, I have an airhorn in my car now to scare people who try to shit with me, it dose work.

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Yeah, he is a good driver. He got by, other people got hurt and he didn't. :)

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Were there 2 guys racing or something? That 1 guy that got hit took off, as in he passed the dashcam when it was actually time to stop.

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Could be, but I'd like to give the 2nd car the benefit of the doubt and say he went after the douchebag driver when he saw he wasn't stopping.

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I think it just looked like he was accelerating because the dashcam car was braking. To me it looked more like he was just trying to avoid the mess himself. He might have pulled over just ahead.

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Holy shit!

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That driver is a literal piece of shit

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Still not literal. Unless it's Bono

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They did their driver training in Grand Theft Auto.

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This asshole needs to be tracked down and beaten senselessly

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The BMW is lucky they did't get sucked under the semi wheels.

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