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You back off, slowly back off, while watching it....if you have any weapon be ready to use it, carry bear pepper spray.. But back off very slowly while stare that Cat straight in the eyes, if it gets any more aggressive you can 'throw shapes' swing a bag or wave a coat toward it while shouting aggressively. Cats are kinda lazy predators would rather kill a little deer or rabbit or something. They rarely risk killing big prey because it can leave them with injury and a Cat with a damaged paw can starve itself to death...these guys are 'lone hunters' so unlike the wolf they have no family to help out if they get hurt and the Cat knows this instinctively so they rarely take big risks and go for easy prey. Walking past with your back would be risky, Never climb a tree all Cats are excellent climbers, never walk or run away and turn your back on a wild Cat its basically saying 'I'm bambi eat me' an invitation to attack. The 'Mountain Lion' or Cougar or Puma will rarely ever attack a person, they are not the apex predator in its range, often yielding to the Jaguar, gray Wolf, American black Bear, and big Grizzly Bears.

The Cougar is a predator but also has that look of worry or fear a Jaguar is different might surprise attack a human, its a much more dangerous predator due to size and strength. Tigers and African Lions are different again, would easily kill a human in one second, you're not going to communicate the wild 'Big Cats' unless youre looking at a recently captured one through a cage in a zoo or with a group of armed guys on some India/Africa Safari the Big Cats its usually fight/shoot or die, but again even big Cats have come to some level of understanding with humans. Bears are different to Cats, the way to avoid a wild Cat attack is almost totally different to avoiding surviving a Black Bear Attack but 'bear pepper spray' is also useful, Polar Bears are different again to Browns and Grizzlys it has been known for centuries that Polar Bears they attack humans and they can stalk a human being for days, with a Polar Bear you Assume it is always an attack and he is predatory and that the Bear won't stop attacking you. A Cougar is much smaller so attacking a human is too much trouble. my guess is the Cat was equally as shocked to find humans in the area but they have better senses only the Cats will have heard/spotted the humans a good few mins before the people spotted the Cat. The Cats are inquisitive animals, also very curious like other creatures Monkeys, Raccoons, Dogs etc Kitty might have even had a fresh kill or baby cubs in the area.


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backaway without direct eye contact too iirc