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This guy was probably killed a few minutes later with the way he drives.

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He must have been high as a fucking kite without a cord.

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..third time's a charm for darwin award?

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Disappointed that the second car he doesn't bother looking at stops too soon and doesn't at least knock him back down again.

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Insurance information. Ain't nobody got time for that.

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And crap like that comes here and still drives like crap.

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Holy shit, you only post Niggers. Your highest rated submission is Niggers (+27,-1) and your lowest rated submission is also Niggers but (-22,+3). Every comment you have made is just Niggers. What do you have to say for yourself young man?

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sigh /downvoat

No bot, not this time. I know you are eager but your training is not yet complete.

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You fucking kids

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Fucking blue shells.

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So many videos of these moped/scooter riders getting completely destroyed. It's mostly in super populated places like India and Asia.

In one a truck hits a telephone or power pole. One of the big thick ones. Comes slamming down on the rider. It's like a cartoon they just kinda disappear under the pole.

The other was a rider taking a corner too fast and falls under the wheels of a big rig. The truck barely bumps and out the back looks like he ran over a big sack of watermelon.

Both were from kinda far away traffic cams. Terrified to step on the road a few days after watching them.

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The one were the big pole demolishes that guy is brutal...

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