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Stretched fork morons. They are the camber faggots of the motorcycle world. Well deserved.

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yes, these folks are vermin

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My god that poor LS400.

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Poser faggots destroy anything they touch.

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How does the motorcycle world feel about single-side forks?...whatever the proper name for those is...

Like this: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/a6/c9/b1/a6c9b162ee70892ff3ef02ce2b026fa2.jpg


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Personally i dont care for them. But these, when designed by an actual motorcycle manufacturer, work well and pose no risk or downgrade in handling. Because they dont make them with retarded geometry. They just remove one side, while making the other stronger to compensate. The overall motorcycle geometry can be the same.

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Well it is a crotch rocket, but she's doing it wrong.

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Someone has finally figured out how to make two skid marks, at the same time, with one wheel.

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Good thing she had that backpack otherwise that could of been messy.

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Boring you lose again faggot.