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When I was a kid, I used to run around and let the dog chase me out of the room, and just as I got around the corner, I'd freeze completely still - in plain sight, but I wouldn't respond at all, no eye contact, the whole bit. The dog would stop near me, then continue on looking for me, sniffing all the nooks and crannies around me, looking behind things, etc. It would never leave the room I was in, but it kept acting like it was looking for me.

Looking back on it, I have to wonder if it was just going along with the game... I mean, I know it could see me, smell me, hear me breathing... But it acted like it was still looking for me until I laughed or started moving again, then it would "find me."

Looking back on it with an adult's understanding of the world, it's quite peculiar TBH.

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Coincidence usually doesn't happen consistently on a recurring basis. Possible though.


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obligatory: "shes hot"


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Dogs are the best!