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Cool lamp. Terrible lighting.

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my thoughts exactly. The lights are on the wrong side.

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It's on kickstarter and still running.

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I'd be stressed out as hell having that on my desk.

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Staring at the magnetic spheres, frozen in space, permanently stuck millimeters from the embrace of it's mate. Wondering, will they ever be given a respite from the eternal forces that are acting upon them, keeping them from their peaceful slumber? What a cruel creator, to instill in them the perpetual desire for each other, while denying them that fundamental closure for all of eternity.

A string, a simple thing. Taught, cynically assisting gravity, defying the magnetism imposed upon their wooden hearts by a heartless craftsman, only concerned with amusing their own sense of schaudenfreude.

In the grips of the never ending restraint, the only solace to be found is the idea that the very fabric of our universe should rip in twain in a final great crescendo of mercy, gravity and magneticism finally torn asunder, allowing them to be free from the oppressive forces tearing at their hearts.

The universe itself, devoid of its foundational principals, evaporating into a mist of matter, never to be observed again.

The death of reality itself, represented as a piece of pretentious industrial design.

Dangling balls.

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that thing is utterly useless and nothing but a hassle

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I think this is cooler, especially since the guy gives instructions on how to make it.