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If your camera totally sucks, please don't submit a ghost video with it. What is the damn point? Looking at you roof ghost guy.


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naw id say go for it regardless, if people don't like it it wont get upvoats. if people are worried about it not being production quality there will be hardly any uploads


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But some of the poorest video recordings have been my absolute favorite ghost videos!

These shit-quality videos are three of my all-time favorites:

Disclaimed: my all-time favorite ghost videos change on a daily basis. :-)

Although the Ft Campbell video may seem unsubstantial to many people, it creeped me out profoundly because I run each morning... a few hours before the sunrise... when the streets are cold and dark and dead quiet... when I can listen to creepy Art Bell podcasts and think about this video and notice the shadows that aren't supposed to be there...

I think the quality and significance of different ghost videos is too subjective to disqualify even recordings made on low quality camera.

If we only included ghost videos that everyone approved of, then we'd have no content to enjoy!

Even the people who enjoy nothing but complaining would have nothing to enjoy!