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Two miles north of Saratoga off FM787 is the beginning of Bragg Road which travels north to FM1293. It is on this eight mile stretch of dirt road, otherwise known as the Ghost Road, where the Saratoga Mystery Light has appeared.

There are different beliefs as far as what the ghostly light could be, such as swamp gas and similar natural occurrences, although in the videos I've seen, the light appears to manifest on the dry dirt of Bragg Road. The most popular story surrounding this legend is that a railroad worker was decapitated in a railway accident, and the light is that of his lantern as his ghost searches endlessly for his head.

There are a bunch of other YouTube videos of people investigating and capturing the Saratoga Ghost Light on video, however this is one of the most concise and entertaining that I've seen.

You can read more about the Saratoga Ghost Light here and here's the Wikipedia link too.

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