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There's no ghost footage in this video, however it was fun to watch a couple of amateur ghost hunters explore Clinton Road while discussing some of it's ghostly legends.

Clinton Road in New Jersey is widely regarded as the most terrifying road in America with legends about druid temples, mysterious cryptids, phantom headlights and ghost children.

This video was just fun to watch and I feel bad for anyone who is too skeptical about the paranormal to have fun doing nonsense ghost hunting like this and posting it for hundreds of thousands of people to enjoy!

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Agreed and the way it was filmed... to film without seemingly being rehearsed and to include all of the mistakes and the police cars and interactions with other people and the lack of staged "paranormal events", for me, made it feel like I was there enjoying the adventure far more than a polished documentary likely would have.

I'll be expanding my search for new content to include interesting ghost hunting adventures like this one which not only explain some of the local legends but are also fun to watch.


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Pretty sure this isn't a "druid temple" but is probably an old Kiln. There are other structures like this in new england. edit: woops, just continued watching the rest of it and they discovered it was an ironworks furnace


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This is one thing I love about The Proper People and the urban exploration videos: they include all of their mistakes mixed in with some interesting camera work: details such as time lapse videos of the sun setting over their exploration site, smashed bugs on their car windscreen... details that I thoroughly enjoy and which make me feel more immersed in what they are doing, far more than I would be in a polished and sterile documentary.

Unfortunately this team have only created three videos which really qualify as haunted site exportation, which I've already posted to /v/Ghosts:

The Proper People seem to make creepy ghost-hunt Halloween specials and I'm hoping they do one this year too. If so, I'll make sure that is posted here also!


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yeah I had just watched the dam one. The creepiest part is the little plastic chairs for kids, the dolls around the spool makeshift table, and beer bottles behind the one large chair. That seems more like creepy occult pedophile place, not haunted.

Whirlpool could also prob be caused by drainage, I suppose.