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Eat at a deficit and you will loose weight. End of story.

Switching to a low carb diet can help if you're prone to sugar cravings, because of the affect it has on insulin production. I'm talking 30g-ish of carb a day, so not ketosis.

Generally speaking you're better off eating food that is less refined and processed, but it's complicated. For example brown bread actually has a higher GI than white bread.

My wife and daughter both have gluten sensitivity and lost weight when they stopped eating gluten. Not really sure what that was all about though because if anything their appetites increased since they no longer suffered from cramping and bowel distress.


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My wife found out that she has s gluten allergy and we dropped all gluten and I myself have lost a shit ton of weight and gained muscle from meat and greens. I do eat grains like rice and potatoes like once a week on a cheat day but hell it seems to be working for me. Keep track of what you eat and drink. My biggest thing I changed is I mostly drink black coffee (hated at first) and water. I'd rather eat my calories than drink it. Best of luck finding what works for you stick with it and you can do it.


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Whole wheat is better. I think that's generally agreed upon.

There are a lot of studies that prove the deficit theory. The 7-11 diet some professors did proved it well.


Eat your greens and you should be fine. It's not ideal, nor necessarily healthy though.


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  • Carbs seem to be a major cause of fat.

  • Natural fats seem to be non-fattening.

  • Before 1980 the American diet had quite a bit of natural fat in it and very few people were fat then.

  • Unnatural fats, i.e. hydrogenated oils and shortening, are very unhealthy, as they have no usable nutrients and compete with natural fats. Natural fats contain a lot of fat-soluble vitamins etc. The brain, nerves, hormones etc need a lot of natural fat.

  • Coconut oil, about 3 tablespoons a day, is said to help reduce fat/overweight especially.


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Correct but not all carbs are created equal, read up on the glycemic index for more info. Don't cut out carbs completely just go low carb and stick with whole grains, preferably unprocessed.