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Addiction to video games is now a recognised illness by Kazara in gamingfringe

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But a dude who just HAS to watch every single football game of the season? That's fine.

Specifically buying DirecTV just so you can get RedZone? So you can watch 40 games simultaneously? That's fine too.

Unreasonable levels of anger - dare I say RAGE? - when one's team makes a bad play or loses a game? Nothing to see here.

Own hundreds of even thousands of dollars of team merchandise? Meh.

Rioting when your team has a big win? Perfectly reasonable.

Football on ALL NIGHT on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays? What, that's not addictive behavior!!!

This is just liberals trying to fuck with gamers again.

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No More White People on MSNBC? Actor Mark Ruffalo's Insane Demands by Kazara in gamingfringe

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This has nothing to do with gaming. Your a mod posting politics in a gaming subverse. Thank you for showing me the real reason you have this subverse. Blocking from now on. Have a good one.

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Rachel Maddow Cries Over FBI Investigating Hillary Again - Live on MSNBC by Kazara in gamingfringe

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Because the regressive left is using bullying and censorship to shut down anything that doesn't agree with their ideology.

Yeah it sucks. It also sucked when the republicans did this same shit after 9/11 when Bush was in power. It's called being a corrupt political party full of brainwashed stupid zealots who obey blindly. Republicans aren't any better than democrats this way. Instead of calling you racist like a democrat does a republican will tell you that you are a traitor and you don't support the troops or some bullshit.

I do agree that game development has had to deal with some SJW nonsense but that is separate from election politics and FBI investigations.

I certainly won't try and take away your right to post what you think but if this game sub was a bullseye and voat a dart board your post would be sticking out of a wall in the lady's bathroom mystifying the other patrons.

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