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What's the point of an Easter egg political message.

To stir up controversy as a marketing tool? Just requires sacrificing a chunk of your fanbase. Have they never heard "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush". In addition they also don't understand the modern promoter and detractor marketing speak. On a 1 to 10 scale, users that rate 9 or 10 might tell 1 or 2 people to buy the product. 7 and 8 would say nothing. Under 7 will tell 10 people it's shit. So now they have at least 10% of their biggest fans (old 9s and 10s), becoming 1s and 2s.

To be on the "right side of history", well good luck with that. Because even if they are, they aren't enough to have your brand coast on it. So any non-political aspect of the game will overshadow the virtue signalling in the future. And if they aren't on the right side, then well no one is going to want to remember the game. Abe Lincoln would have issues working in customer service today, political messages just doom a game to being controversial until it dies. Oh and what about other topics that clearly have a right side, because as I implies they might try going further. Put in a "Free Tibet" or "Armenian Genocide" Easter Egg. What about "Genital mutilation (Circumcision) of children is Evil" concept for your next game. These are pretty securely right side of history. Sure in the US you are fine ( because FREE SPEECH for now ), but China and Russia might rip you a new asshole over it. What about India, Brazil, Europe? Every single country could criminalize the political message they just said. And that would be a new level of "GET WOKE, GO BROKE".

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Welp, looks like another dev group has been put into the pocket of the evil freaks and psychos.

More encouragement and glorification of the defilement and mutilation of genitals, yaaaaay. /shalom