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They got exactly what they wanted which was the complete destruction/cucking of an alternate media outlet.

Media is and has always been a loss leader for (((Them))). If they have to lose a few hundred million here and there to keep the world blind to centralized banking and white replacement that's a cheap price for them to pay. Besides when they have near complete control of the flow of information they can make a few hundred million back by pump/dumping a few stocks discretely.

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capitalism and communist propaganda do not mix well, Disney now get what they deserve for this incursion against natural law.

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Disney as a Company IS Frankenstein’s Monster.

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Elsa making girls idolize a lesbian? Go fuck right the fuck off

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Disney needed a place to launder $400million and VICE seemed a good a place as any.

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Vice was pretty badass before they sold out.

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At least they rerun IASIP.