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That one tranny employed at valve must have sucked some serious cock.

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They are headquartered in Seattle. There is definitely more than one.

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New Epic Games Store Will Take Just 12% Revenue Share https://techraptor.net/content/new-epic-games-store-will-take-just-12-revenue-share

"Today, Epic announced their new platform for selling games on PC and Mac. The Epic Games Store launches this year with a hand-curated set of games on PC and Mac, before opening up to more games and platforms, including Android in 2019.

Epic plans to compete with Steam by letting developers take home 88% of all revenue. Epic’s 12% cut is considerably less than Valve’s 30% cut of all Steam sales."

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Valve is 51% evil on a good day. I think there are people there that want to do right. But they are usually outvoted by the PC thought police.

Every day in every way I become more convinced that all corporations should be held criminally libel to the First Amendment. Want free speech? Remain a sole proprietorship. A corporation is just a government license to not be accountable for your crimes.