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Bethesda deserves everything they get at this point.

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And so do those that pre-ordered

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If you guys wanted canvas bags why did you pay for them? Idiots. The bags are for the shills who lied about how shitty the game is and boosted our sales, duh.

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Fallout cashgrab, banning people from being "offensive" in an online game, this cheaping out shit.

Bethesda is on my shit list and the only way they're coming back is for their next ACTUAL release to be top notch. But if they're going SJW and combining that a futuristic IP namely Starfield; I foresee trannies and gays everywhere.

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I bet the next elder scrolls allows you to change genders and names at whim.

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Nah it will just be a slider that morphs the character to look male or female.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=YmV8BqedCQY :

Fallout 76 Duffel Bag Outrage Mounts Due to Influencers Getting Free High Quality Bags from Bethesda - YouTube

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I got to say, I like Bethesda games for the most part despite problems (mods are the greatest), but with Fallout 76 it's hard to defend them. Not only do I overall dislike 76, but Bethesdas actions every step of the way are insult to injury. Exploring is pretty much the greatest thing of 76 and that's about it.

I can't wait for the next sp Fallout with mods, and hopefully cash shops disappear from games entirely. Time to go back to New Vegas and 3 modded.