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Both of them have built in backdoors for israel.

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Can't spell intel without israel

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Built a Ryzen APU. Works great so far.

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I got my rx vega 64 a few days ago. Would be nice if devs actually optimzed their games.

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Yea thats my next upgrade a dedicated gpu.

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Well yeah. When you sell processors that are 85% as powerful, for 50% of the price, and as AMD always has, include all your features from the bottom rung all the way to the top of the ladder, instead of needing a decoder ring to figure out "okay, which intel CPU supports ECC memory and this instruction set?" you're going to run rampant over a bloated, cocky, overpriced tyrant like intel.

Ironically, AMD's long spell of terrible chips under the Heavy Equipment codenames may have created some demand. I know I'm not the only one who sat on a Phenom II chip until Ryzen came out. It's hardly a viable strategy, but I think the FX series being mostly unworthy of buying at the prices it was offered, primed people for an upgrade when something viable like Ryzen hit the market.

What's really gonna be hot is when the 3rd gen Ryzens press Intel to the ropes with doubled cache and core counts, on a smaller process than Intel.

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or if you prefer buying from the lesser evil.

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There's that too.

if AMD really wanted to set themselves apart on that front, they'd get rid of the PSP subsystem. But, thankfully the Phenom II chips don't have anything like that, and I have enough salvaged socket AM3 chips to last me to the heat death of the universe. Could maybe use a few more AM3/AM3+ motherboards though.

I'd love to see a third or even fourth chip company crop up. Kinda hard to bust in at this stage of the game, but I miss the illusion of competition.