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Get woke, go broke.

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Doctor Who can't go broke. It's tax payer funded.

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I'm gonna bet that the writers and the like will respond by calling the fans racist islamophobe nazis and Trump supporters.

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I bet the ratings drop is dramatically higher. Everyone I know who used to watch Doctor Who stopped watching shortly after David Tennant. Which is when they started cranking up the SJW idiocy.

It's far more likely they've been lying about their ratings for years. I'm sure they've had a steady loss of viewers ever since the end of David Tennant's reign. I bet their viewership is no more than a million or so at this point.

Lying is what they do.

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They destroy everything they touch.

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It was always a shitty show. No idea how retards watched it.

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Doctor who was a cringey show, which made it entertaining in particular the parts that tried to act serious but clearly weren't. I can't imagine enjoying it now however.

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I gave it a fair shake when it was David Tennant and the hot blonde, but it was a mediocre show at best then. I really do not understand the hype.

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Same way normal people watched it, but with helmets, would be my guess.

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Kill the lady doctor off. Cast Denny Crane as the next Doctor. Watch ratings soar.

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