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These journalists became the story instead of just reporting on them.

Makes sense seeing as how the gaming journalist profit model revolves around the quid pro quo arrangement of exclusive first looks for padded, positive and, viral reviews.

So you wind up with a group of people who's sole source of sustinence is their subservience to large gaming corporations.

It is doubtful that they have had an original thought in their entire lives and so these stupid ideas of theirs were easily fed to them by sexually attractive (to them) people. So then they write stories about these ideas that they think are their own and even write stories in support of shitty female dev games and suddenly they themselves are expected to have individual responsibility and an understanding of what they are doing.

They're just as lost as the vast majority of skill-less near average intelligence individuals.

This is why I'm starting my own gaming journalist website. It's called "go the fuck outside" and it's going to be a hit!

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Get woke go broke.

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I just want to play video games without being demonized and without an agenda shoved in my face. That's all i want that's it that's all.