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Happy to see these changes. It's kinda annoying when more than half of the posts in the "New" tab are linking to YouTube. I'd even argue that it harms the content creators in that people have increasingly begun to categorically downvote such YouTube links, even if the vid isn't even just another Let's Play, or if the Let's Play in question actually is a decent one.

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I'd personally rather see half of the first "New" page involving video links that may or may not be interesting than those same posts replaced with drama-llama text self posts encouraging the community to focus on the worst in gaming. The difference is that I reject the hive mind and don't downvoat because I dislike the topic (provided it's relevant to gaming). Being downvoated for no good reason is part of being a Youtube content creator. On one hand you've got drones shitting themselves because Japanese game devs are "censoring" pedobait and pixel titties and those same drones are trying to censor videos because they don't like them. Why should anyone care what hypocrites think?

The best way to curb stupidity is to not cater to it. As soon as we start making changes to suit the hive mind, it's over. The wailing spirit of 4chan will be among us and it won't ever go away.

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Some good revisions, and I'm glad you brought up Voat's site-wide self-promotion rules as well. The existing self-promotion guidelines have been on /v/gaming longer than I have, so I appreciate you taking the time to bring them up to date to better address current trends.

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It makes sense after reading this. Thank you

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I understand not wanting to get flooded with people selling something but I can also understand people wanting to use one account for their "business" and one for themselves. a business will not go about posting and commenting as much as an individual will as well as wanting to keep the two separate. That said I appreciate the work of the mods and the rules to keep this from being just a sales listing.

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Fun fact: one of the first things taught in basically any social media marketing class is to not only promote your own product. If you're posting from a "business" account, it turns out to actually hurt more than it helps to only use it to sell yourself or your product. People really hate being sold to these days, so brands have to build trust in other ways. There's several strategies in doing this, but most of them start by not just using your business account for "business." :)

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Thanks for the clarification. I'll try to be more conscientious about what I'm posting. For me, posting to voat is FAR superior to posting to reddit. I don't make money on the content I produce - I actually lose a bit of money on my site. I love posting here as people tend to actually respond to the articles and get into discussions about the games/writing I do, which is really the whole point, for me.

I'll try to be more involved in general on the gaming subverse, and keep in mind that I shouldn't exclusively be posting my own content.

Again, thanks for the clarification. Reddit is much more vague about this sort of thing, and often mods don't issue warnings before acting.

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I think that's a great perspective to have :) good content is good content, and we don't want to discourage people from sharing what they make; we just want to remind creators that if they get a lot of good engagement from /v/gaming, they should try to be that engagement for others on the sub as well.

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looks the community has figured itself out.

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Do not link-post to any page where the game can be purchased, such as Steam or your own website.

This is idiotic for obvious reasons.

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/u/reacher, what do you think about potentially dropping this part? I know a lot of content creators use their Steam page to showcase their content, and don't have additional pages set up.

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I support these kinds of guidelines. They're a lot more balanced and fair than some of the others I've seen. It takes all different kinds of submissions to make places like this interesting. For a lot of the content we see, if it weren't for the creator posting it, it wouldn't be seen. Not everyone who produces quality content has readership/viewership in the tens/hundreds of thousands where you can count on viewers to link the content for you. If we don't support creators in promoting their content, this place becomes just another outlet for mainstream media.

Conversely, creators have an obligation to be respectful in how (and how often) they post links to their own work. They shouldn't feel like they have open license to post whatever they want whenever they want. Not every blog, vlog, interview or LP episode is a gem.

I personally don't count how many "not mine" submissions I make relative to the ones I make featuring my own content. I'm not about to start. I like the use of the term "guideline". If I haven't posted a link to my own stuff in a few days and then post a link to a short video I made, I don't need to be told about some ratio that I'm not abiding by. If my content isn't relevant to the subverse, obviously it warrants bringing to my attention. If the frequency of my submissions is disruptive, then obviously some poor sod has to bring that to my attention. But if the sole reason for opposing my choice to make the submission is some number relative to some other number based on who is linking whose work then maybe there needs to be a very frank conversation about the risks and consequences of an overly pedantic view on what is or is not appropriate.

And so based on all of that, what I see here seems to have been carefully considered with both "sides" of the equation in mind. Everyone has a role to play, nobody is unjustly excluded, and the community as a whole benefits. Can't complain about that.

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