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/v/gaming transparency: level up!

In all seriousness, you guys are doing a great job. These are some good refinements and I especially appreciate terms like "click bait" and "harassment" being clearly defined. I think that goes a long way to preventing any possibility of selective enforcement. It benefits the community by keeping the rules clear, and it benefits the mod team by giving you clear definitions you can point to when deciding to remove a post. Thank you for outlining the changes and continuing to make the subverse better.

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Regarding rule 7 for Black Friday and cyber Monday would it be ok to make a post listing the games on sale from different stores then list with links in the post for those stores or would this need to be posted on v/gamedeals?

I only ask just on these two events since they are big sale days for video games?

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Thank you

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I think that's a good question. There's merit in both ways of doing things, so it's really up to the mods to make the call. One solution might be to post a sticky pointing to /v/gamedeals a few days prior (and during) the Black Friday sale. It would keep /v/gaming clean of sales posts and give /v/gamedeals some extra exposure on an important day. It might mean needing to more heavily moderate /v/gaming at that time to keep deal posts away for those who don't read the sticky.

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I think that would be best to have one sticky that redirects to V/gamedeals since like you said there will be a lot of post in V/gaming that day as well to clean up from beng over posted. I think having discussions on what games you think are a good deal or which ones you aren't would be good though.

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As I said on IRC... It looks good to me!

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These are some good rules. I appreciate the unambiguity. I'd rather have harsh rules (which these aren't) and unambiguity than mostly liberal rules and random deletions.

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Do domino games count towards or against rule 1?

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Thanks. I was asking that because I made up a few new domino games and maybe I thought I would explain their rules.