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He says... in one of these articles... that they 'can' be sideloaded but the function of doing so is obtuse and obfuscated, to which I agree.

It's near to the same with the Google Play store... you CAN sideload applications, but if it were obvious and apparent and easy... we wouldn't call it "sideloading".

This is an obvious play by Microsoft to lock down the Windows store/UWP ecosystem, and while it might be able to be seen as "good business" it's not terribly good for the consumer, the gamer. The minutae of benefits this offers is far outweighed by the detriment.

We need more open environments not ANOTHER closed one. Right now we have multiple closed environments competing with each other... when it is totally unnecessary.

Remember when you could buy (license) a program and it would just work out of the box... no midddle-man needed ?

The 'store' is not needed... it's just a retail front between us and the content.

In the case of Valve/Steam... there are some benefits.... the social aspect being the most obvious, but even Steam with what we get out of it... is still monopolistic in effect.

I personally would prefer a simple server browser for my gaming, and the social aspect, can be left up to me and my friends... the options for communication are endless.


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So make it unobtuse, during steam install, invoke where the setting is, prompt the user to change it, done.