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Comments in the Windows sub and the Windows 10 sub on Reddit, show 'much' support for this move by Microsoft... disappointingly.

Trying to point out the negatives is met with downvotes galore, and the debate is buried. No surprise there I guess, but still frustrating.

I've tried to 'be nice' and I support my arguments with links and whatever other relevant hard facts and 'still'.... I'm told that what I've said or otherwise purported is outright false or will be soon... which is just bizarre... and again, downvoted into oblivion so that no one sees what I've posted.

I have no voice there, where it should otherwise count the most.

If you folks still have reddit accounts... take a look. It's depressing, but I suppose interesting to see this develop from the standpoint of the people that support it. It's all pie in the sky to them.