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Interview wastes A LOT of time basically doing a biography on TB and his gaming habits and history. It takes nearly 10 minutes to actually get the topic. The interviewer has a terrible mic and doesn't speak very well. This is BBC 3 ffs, I expected something far more professional than someone who is bad at interviewing using recording hardware that makes him hard to understand.

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haha I gotta say I loved all the "great news guys, we're moving online!" trailers in the run up to the channel getting shut down. I watched that channel for the family guy reruns but all its 'yoof' original programming felt like it was made by one of those teachers you get in high school who calls everyone 'guys' and thinks they are down with the kids. Its what Ali G was parodying 10 years before. Its like MTV, perhaps once it used to be counterculture but somewhere along the way it got preachy and sanctimonious. I'm glad the TV channel got shut down, so glad.


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Forgive my ignorance; is this interview for radio? I thought it was going to be made into a written piece.


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My understanding is that this was an interview by BBC for print, but TB arranged with them ahead of time to record the entire interview and post it on his Youtube channel. Smart approach on his end, in the event that anything he said was printed out of context in the written article, as he'd have an immediate and convincing response available. The consequence, in this case, is that it doesn't present itself as an interview intended to be presented in audio form.


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Well we don't know how new this guy is to the BBC but I do agree that for what he used in the article he does take quite a while getting into it.


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It's not just that, it's the whole quality of it. He's definitely not a trained radio host (yes, there are schools for this!) - good hosts rarely fumble over their words or say um, ah, etc. He's using terrible equipment. When you hear TB speak it's crisp, clear, and legible. The other guy sounds like he's recording on a cheap headset under a blanket with the lights out. You'd think that a radio program out of the BBC would at least have a baseline budget to get their basics down.