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The money they lost includes the time and effort that they spent porting it to iOS, which was probably a multi-year effort, and also included buying the engineers Macs, iPhones/iPods/iPads, and paying Apple their yearly extortion fee for the right to develop on their platform. There's no pre-approval process for the App Store, so you have to invest all that time into making the game just for them to say "no" on launch day.

It's criminal that a corporation gets to determine what code your device can and can't execute.


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I doubt they lost a huge sum, with how much money their game(s) have made, but the fact that they have to pay Apple all this money just for them to say no is pretty fucking bullshit. If someone were to have the time and energy to take a case like this to court, I feel like with the right judge they would win some money and Apple would change this policy to prevent it in the future. Maybe one day.