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Indeed, can't make universal rankings for anything done for entertainment or enjoyment. Different things entertain different people.


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We can do it for movies or books. Games are no exception.


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There are a hundred ways to rank the eras of gaming history. It is impossible to objectively rank their greatness as greatness is always subjective.

What percentage of games that were released were excellent*

"excellence" is always subjective.


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This seems like a waste of time given that game quality is a moving target. For example, games on the Atari 2600 can't be reasonably compared to games on the Xbox One because in the time between the two systems there was a massive shift in what constitutes the minimum requirements for a quality game.

Game systems need to be reviewed in the context of the era they were released in, because the next generation of consoles is always fundamentally better than what came before it.


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We can attach numbers to many of these factors, but using them to make a universal scale of value seems virtually impossible.

That said, you can measure indicators.

I'd recommend starting by simply focusing on relatively simple variables. Stuff like "Games with Metascores of 85+" can be easily quantified and shown visually. "Top 50/100 Games Ever" lists can be used to find important recurring years based on release dates. Websites like "How Long To Beat" can be used to compare the typical lengths of games.


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I think for this you would need to take a game that spawned an entire new subset of games, games that really defined the genre or were the first of their kind to take a risk and be very different. You'd be looking at games like the Ultima series, Elder Scrolls, Diablo, Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, Quake, Half-Life, Battlefield 1942. All of these games had serious long-lasting effects on the gaming industry as a whole.

A more recent example would be Minecraft, which for better or for worse spawned an unimaginable amount of sandboxy voxel-based games. As well as the curse that is "early access" gaming. Single titles with huge influence.

Disclaimer: I'm a PC gamer so I didn't list examples like Super Mario Bro's or Zelda.