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And, in my opinion, their focus over the past few years hasn't necessarily been pro-consumer or pro-gamer.

Not an opinion. That is a fact. They updated their EULA to prevent class action lawsuits in America. Don't want to sign the agreement, you can't play any games in your library! This is the same exact thing Sony Entertainment did right after their first breech (except they weren't able to lock people out of their game library, and instead just gave them free goodies to sign their rights away). Basically, Sony covered their asses, and let 2 more breeches occurred and it didn't fucking matter to them, as they mitigated the costs by screwing over the consumer. Valve is no better than Sony Entertainment.

I really hope Valve/Gabe get their just deserts in (a fair) court one day, but with the way the TPP and pro-corporation and anti-consumer laws are going, that doesn't seem likely.