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How would hating Windows be anti-consumer?


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If you're talking about my comment on Gabe's meltdown over Windows 8 I'll explain. He went ape-shit, talked a lot of smack, and freaked out so much it pushed him to spend the next few years focusing most of Steam's attention on developing SteamOS. Basically he lost his shit because he perceived that Microsoft could challenge Steam once they introduced an App Store on Windows. As an ex-Microsoft person, Gabe probably understood long before we did, that Microsoft's long term strategy would be to merge their desktop OS with their console, and make it extremely easy to develop for both the XBox One & PC games simultaneously. Obviously Microsoft (and Sony) enjoy a monopoly of game sales on their consoles; Gabe was freaked out that Microsoft might mount a serious competitor to Steam on the PC. That day hasn't arrived yet, but it's close at hand. Instead of making the Steam app better for PC gaming, Gabe decided to try to drag all of PC gamers over to SteamOS and drag PC gaming into the living room and make the Steam controller (console-style) the default.

I don't think any of the SteamOS nonsense has been good for PC gamers. I think it's merely Gabe having a hissy-fit and trying to make PC gaming more like console gaming. In my opinion, Steam and Valve have gone downhill since their attention has been on SteamOS; their sales stink, the quality of the products they allow on their service are sketchy enough to necessitate return policies, they tried to foist paid-mods on gamers....the list goes on.


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if you dont think the proliferation of open source software and open source supported hardware is good for the consumer then you are a complete and total fuckwad.