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[–] whynotanon1 6 points 5 points (+11|-6) ago  (edited ago)

Haha do you people even know how much information is publicily available? Remember when we put everyones name and phone number in a big book and gave it to everyone for free? There is more publicily available information at the local court house than any online profile you have. Divorces, marriage paperwork, criminal record, where you lived and how much you paid to live there, if you work in government your salary is likey public too.


[–] ChillyHellion 1 point 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

The funny thing is that I would be happier if Valve said something like your comment upfront, instead of trying to downplay the issue as "cached page information". If they really feel that it's not an issue, be straight with us and explain why. Let us decide how to react based on the full story, instead of hiding the issue by being overly vague.


[–] whynotanon1 6 points -1 points (+5|-6) ago  (edited ago)

I guess they assumed people will be adults and apply some perspective, instead of assuming the entire community needs to be soothed with reassurance that the sky is NOT falling because they saw some random persons address.

I agree they could be more open but it hasn't even been 48 hours. They are likely still trying to pinpoiny exactly what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. A press release must be coming but it does not get priority over locking down security amd investigating what happened, and who was effected.