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Hell has officially frozen over.

Well, nothing's official yet. I'm still giving Nintendo a chance to chicken out.


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I reallllllly hope they don't screw this up. I'd hate to have another stellar company go the way of microtransactions and nickle and diming us.

But, Nintendo's always been a good dev, so I've got confidence. For now.


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So it begins...

I wonder what route they'll take with this. My hope is that they'll sell complete games at a low cost, rather than going with the "freemium" option. Sequels to some older puzzle games like Dr. Mario or Tetris Attack would be nice to see.


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My guess is they won't make anything new. We'll probably see Gameboy Games, and NES, and SNES games. This is probably part of a larger strategy to make younger people into fans of Nintendo, or make older people remember the glory days to drive up their overall sales.

I believe the main factor in their success will be in the price. They should make games in the $1.99 to $5.99 range. That would be a fair deal. But it seems like right now they charge a lot more than that. If you want Earthbound for example it's $9.99. A bit steep considering what you can get in the market place. There are lots of better games that are cheaper. Minecraft for example is cheaper than that.


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>We'll probably see Gameboy Games, and NES, and SNES games

I can see where this is going. How long until Google starts blacklisting emulators for Nintendo systems?


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Oh fuck. I hope they don't turn into a full microtransaction company. EA's already pretty much gone that route and as if they weren't bad enough, they murdered Dungeon Keeper with a rusty fork.

"You're out of Pokeballs! Buy more in 12:00 or BUY NOW FOR 18 POKEBUCKS"


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New lines of games. Hurm. That means I'll never get a proper sequel to Paper Mario, thousand year door. Boo.

Whatever we get will have to run in a horrendously varied set of hardwares, meaning "most common denominator" will run the field.

"Yoshi's egg plantation" - Like farmville, but with shoe wearing dinosaurs.
"Mario/Wario dance off" - Join the gang as they battle head to head in a rhythm game.
"Metaknight's battle school" - Try to turn hilariously inept creatures into warriors, dungeon keeper style.
"Fire Emblem: ultimate bakeshop" - Development got turned over to Zynga using Nintendo IP. No one knows how to play it, but it'll make a ton of lucre on facebook.