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After the devastating news, he deserves a much needed break. I don't really listen or follow the guy, but he's got a clear following. Wish him and his wife all the best.


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Indeed. He and Yahtzee are pretty much the only regular video opinions I put any stock in regarding games. Here's hoping the Cynical Brit pulls through.


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I don't subscribe to him and I don't always agree with his opinions. He has been a big influence in the gaming community and he is very respected. I'm hoping he pulls through this.

I'm a bit worried about trolls giving him shit during this. Hearing news like this and then getting shat on isn't something anyone should go through with. Good thing that most people are wishing him well and hoping him to get better.


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Hate the guy mostly from Planetside 2. Good luck with all that stuff TotalBiscuit. still hate you.