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Except that half of those characters are eye candy for male players, rife with sexist stereotypes. Yeah, down-vote me, and then go look up the game "X-Blades" and tell me that I'm wrong.

Not that there aren't strong or gender neutral female leads in video games (there are tons), it's just that this comic is full of really bad examples.

A huge and notable exclusion from this comic is Jade, from "Beyond Good and Evil". They note the fucking anime wolf from Okami (fantastic game, go play it on the Wii), but Jade doesn't make it in there.


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Well list every male character that does have abs and is super across the board on eye candy


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It always surprises me when I have to remind people of this, but most women are not attracted to the superheeavyweight bodybuilder look that you are referring to. Where's that hilarious comic that showed what attractive male videogame characters would look like? They were all doe eyed emo rosy cheeked Edward's from Twilight. It was hilarious, and made a good point.


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That's not really their point though. They're just saying the examples given are kind of bad.


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— I want more strong female characters in vidya

— Here are your strong female characters

— But they are sexist! Just look at that!

And what did you expect from a slasher game? An obese bulldyke heroine with dyed hair and krav maga knowledge?


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Amaterasu is female, though; she's a goddess. She isn't eye candy. Sure, she's technically not human, but that's not the point, is it? I'm not sure how that's ridiculous at all, honestly. Your point makes no sense to me.

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Tear, however, is ALSO female, and very intelligent and financially astute.


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Huh. Didn't notice that. Sorry...