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Meanwhile in Battlefield 1:


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The last decent game (((EA))) ever made

shame it was pozzed to oblivion with blackwashing and femwashing (in the DLC)

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Yeah... I think DICE then (DICE after BF1 is pretty much a completely different studio, all the older guys left.) actually made a fucking love letter and final hurrah for the Battlefield lovers out there. BF1 was/is among my favorites, though if I'm being honest I love all of them that I've played apart from BFVagina.

The SJW bullshit I don't think came from DICE themselves, even being as Swedish as they are. Battlefield 3: White medic in beta. EA steps in and says no. So, DICE doesn't even bother redoing voicelines and just models a black guy real quick. Black medic still sounds White. Lolz.

BF4, almost out of spite and acknowledgement of EA's bullshit just covers up the face of US medic and largely obscures the faces of the other US roles. No skin? No problem!

BF1 they actually planned character customization and I absolutely guarantee the reason they made half of Britain pajeet and nigger was because in early playtesting everyone chose White characters. I absolutely fucking guarantee EA stepped in and said "Not good enough, nobody's playing the diverse characters" and so DICE had to scrap customization and force the diversiniggers onto us.

Now, I will say that in the Russian DLC, In the Name of the Tsar, I can somewhat understand a woman being around in combat since it was a civil war and all. However, still, ideally there wouldn't have been a "muh wymyn" character at all. I can't tell you how tired I am of seeing that ugly bald bitch every single time I boot up the game.

Then we had BFV.... That game was the game that killed Battlefield. 100%. The senior devs left or were forced out, new talent brought in, and it was a shitshow. No double xp because "we don't have the tech"? Fucking lol. I won't even bother with the customization bullshit because that was just horrid and we all know it.

The maps, gunplay, all of it was horrible. Absolutely horrible. Hell, if I remember right they had a fucking 15 year old kid making the trailers for the game! The guy who made basically every Battlefield trailer ever left DICE after BF1.

Now they've delayed BF6 to 2021... I guarantee it isn't because they're "delivering a great experience" or whatever the fuck, it's because these rookies are over their head balancing (((diversity))) with making a game and it's going to be shit when it comes out.

People were hoping for a BF3 remaster... Lol. Like Hell they're gonna do that. I'm surprised they can handle texturing models.

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That section of the game looks and sounds amazing. I avoided BF1 like the plague, since it had a nigger on the cover for a game about a war that was overwgelmingly fought be Europeans. It was painful to see what they did with this once great franchise. But as fan since BF 1942 it's nice to see that there are some good parts to it. Now I can pick it up from the bargain bin, knowing I will get at least some enjoyment from it. It's a small consolation to have a glimpse shown of what new battlefield games should be.

Sometimes in WW1/2 movies they have American voice actors trying to speak German and it always sounds aweful, ruining the entire movie. Not the case here. The German voice acting in BF1 is surprisingly good.

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Try Spellforce 3, and/or any of its standalone expansions. First time since 2016 I've heard good voice acting.

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What laptop did you get

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hp 15dk0096wm with a gtx 1650 and i5 9300h

i'm going to get the same laptop with the amd ryzen 5 chip as well to test them side my side