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Who the fuck do they think buys their games?

Hint: It's not nigger dykes.

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They know who buys them. They just want to force them to play nigger dykes. It's all about power.

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It seems the devs were making jest of how much time they put into designing horns, any skin color in the world, and other options to make you look badass, but the way "journalists" took the findings and turned into a cause for MORE options needing to be available so people don't pick white characters is hilarious and disappointing.

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Typical journalists. They'll take shit a dev says and fling it out of proportion so badly it's a wonder devs bother talking at all.

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Reminds me of science "journalism."

Scientist: "Hey guys, we found a way to convert one power source into another. It might be useful in watches."

Journalist: "Scientist finds free infinite power source that could save us from climate change! Orange man bad!"

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I just removed this from my wishlist.

Like one of the top comments of the article says, either I play myself and it's white supremacy, or I play as a minority and it's appropriation.

Fuck this woke bullshit.

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Their post was really a joke. But at the same time, Larian is fully of edgelords that probably seriously don't understand why most people would play as a normal, white, human. They make ok games, but they've butchered the Baldur's Gate series imo.

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I didn't play baldur's gate 1 or 2, were they better? I only played div 2 and liked it a lot. I'm sorta diggin baldur's gate 3 so far, but maybe only because I've been playing with friends I always have fun with.

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Fun fact: People have already figured out how to mod BG3, and I can't wait to replace all the nigger face options with white faces, because a nigger's face for a drow elf is fucking retarded kike bullshit. And yes, there's literally a drow elf NPC that has one of the nigger face presets. I'm not joking.

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Ever notice how no one complains that nip media and nip video games are full of nip characters? Because basic demographic trends are common sense everywhere in the world except for the cucked west.

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I'm surprised they're even allowing those skin tones anymore, or even thin lips or a narrow nose.

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I can't remember what it was, I think Microsoft 3d avatars on Xbox one. I couldn't make a while guy with blonde hair. I don't remember why but that's what I wanted and I couldn't. They had every colour you could imagine, the closest I could get to blonde was bright orange.

I don't think skin was white either, 50 shades of brown if I wanted it. All kinds of other bullshit, I could put it in a wheelchair. Give it a prosthesis, or a bionic eye or something.

So everyone is a unique and special individual, no whites allowed.

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D&D is a white man's business?

Yeah. You have to have an imagination that encompasses more than wheels, bitches, and shoes.

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Niggers are fascinated by wheels because they can't make them.

[–] viking_of_midgard ago 

That's true. But they did invent breakdancing by trying to steal hubcaps from moving vehicles.

[–] selpai 1 point 3 points (+4|-1) ago  (edited ago)

That's really not what they said.

How would you feel if you put thousands of hours into a huge demo, and players couldn't even be bothered to customize their character? They want to collect data on player activity to see what people are engaging in. What they've found, to their dismay, is that people just don't seem to care about their character creation system. From the looks of it, it's quite robust.

Pop culture news outlet Byteside asked “Why is Baldur’s Gate 3 being filled with bog standard white dudes?” and lamented that “this feels like an unfortunate confirmation of the long lingering (and increasingly unfair) stereotypes that the world of D&D is ‘white man business’.”

Larian studios didn't say this. Some fucking leftist gamer-gate "news" outlet did. Fuck em. Larian makes great games.

Maybe part of the problem is that the default model looks really really good.


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"...people just don't seem to care about their character creation system."

They're out of touch with their audience. They gave their audience a robust character creation system that let you choose any skin color, tails, horns etc, and people still mostly made white male human characters. It seems completely obvious that their audience prefers to play as white male human characters, and traditional European style hero characters, but both the developers and the media would rather they play as something different.

The recruitable companions feature 2 white males. One is by all accounts, a creep, and the other is a vampire elf faggot. There's no way anyone will convince me that Larian wasn't pissed off when most people made white male human characters.

[–] selpai ago  (edited ago)

But they're not complaining about players making white male humans, they're complaining about players not using the character creation system at all. They're trying to collect data, and weren't getting any.

If there are a dozen races, each with a dozen different customizable body parts, which in turn have a dozen options each... That's thousands of options that the took money, and effort to create. Instead of being able to figure out which options people like the most, players are just not engaging with the sytem at all.

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