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I just wish it wasn't fucking turn based. Every combat takes goddamned forever.

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I "accidentally on purpose" knocked a goblin off the platform over the door into the goblin fortress. It aggroed the entire camp, they all had to climb the vines one by one to get slaughtered. But it took a long time.

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...uh, original BG was also turn based. That's kind of how DnD works. It was "pseudo" real time. Similar mechanics are also present in Wizardry 8 and Drakensang series, if you're interested - both can be played "real time", but it's just a bunch of turns queued one after another.

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Real time with pause is not the same thing and you know that. Shut the fuck up faggot.

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I don't remember the combat taking so long in BG2.

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An anti-white anti-male SJW product sucks ass you say?

color me unsurprised...

[–] 771423x1 ago 

pretty common feeling so far I think

[–] ginx2666 ago 

Arse Technica is a far-leftist, sjw infested shithole of a kike propaganda site. If they don't like BG3 it means it's pretty good. I trust Larian to make at least a decent game, even if it isn't a true BG title.

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Wasn't one of the Writers/Technicians on Ars Technica arrested for Pedophilia? (HDD full of CP and also tried to prey on a child)

[–] Motto ago 

I disagree. The Early Access has only 5 playable NPC's. They shouldn't try to shoehorn "unity of purpose in a party" into every group of characters. As it stands I only really dislike one of the characters. But I don't take it too seriously. So far I have a level 3 Drow Dual handed ranger and a level 4 Warlock. They are taking some different choices and so far I haven't found anything annoying except the poison bottle that looks exactly like health potion in your inventory.

I literally have a dog in my camp with one party, and an undead cleric in my camp in another party.

This author of this article doesn't like fun.

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Paid professional critics always hate things that the people like. This means BG3 should be decent.

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I remember reading an article that Anita Sarkesian was apart of the development team for BG3 and there were definitely trans NPC quest givers.

Don't hold your hopes up that BG franchise hasn't been destroyed, not unlike Star Wars.