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All the game documentaries piss me off. I grew up with video games and know the history very well and these documentaries are all bullshit. They focus on women, gays, blacks, all this stupid BS.

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I ain't reading that pozzed aids infested (((article)))

but i can imagine how the days when playing as a "generic strong white guy" has degraded into playing as a faggot or a nigger

or godforbid, a filthy kike (Wolfenstein the Cucklusus)

vidya is essentially taken over by kikes

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It was breathtaking how fast and how far that series dove head first into the shitter after The New Order. I really enjoyed the first one of the reboots, then Old Blood was a bit of a cheap spin off although still enjoyable, but after that... holy shit... it was like a nuclear bomb of far left SJW Marxist white and male hating cancer. I thought New Colossus was bad, but then Youngblood followed it and managed to be even more pathetic.

New Order reminds me a bit of Man In The High Castle. Propaganda, but showing enough of the potential of that alternate history to be enjoyable. (Even if New Order laughably attributes all the Nazi tech to secret Jewish magical powers and godlike genius.)

MITHC for the most part at least makes you able to suspend disbelief and see what the reich could have accomplished, even aside from the pro-gay, pro-black, pro-jew, feminist propaganda constantly shoved in your face. It stumbles more the further you get and completely falls off a cliff at the end, but I felt it was worth the ride. It at least tried to be "realistic."

New Colossus appears to just be laughable mustache twirling villains and Marxist caricatures of your average soy addled antifa meeting presented as the height of heroism and good. Too out of touch with reality and full of cancerous far left propaganda to have any redeeming value at all.

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The Jew always outjews his hand

that's why their degeneracy inevitably turned everyone against them

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so first off western culture that builds up an individuals sense of self with heroism is being destroyed

the idea is to make everyone a victim and give them a victim mindset to be easier to control

this is known and it isnt just video games its all media

second of all video games are degenerate time stealers

be real life chad go outside and be the hero of your own story

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Isn't it incredible how insidious it is? I have come to realizations that in my youth I would have dismissed as crackpot theories.

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The first episode with a "trans" space invaders champion, the black gay guy who never feels like he belongs, that whole series was POZed

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Larian almost stepped in it with this bullshit too, but their actual words seem pretty innocuous.

What kind of morally bankrupt, self centered weirdo thinks it is OK to force others [especially children] to emulate specific archetypes instead of exploring their own history and personality?

Playing archetypes close to your "ideal" or at least with some self-reference allows a deeper, more meaningful gameplay. In RPG's or worlds with causality, this is especially the case. A good game writer can teach a moral lesson that one would never learn playing the 'bad guy'.

Also 'bad guy' choices in video games are always stupid. They are always "kill everyone for no reason' and very seldom have any depth.

Oh wait I know what kind of morally bankrupt people do this - priests - tv pundits - politicians. The shittiest cowards on the planet.

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Why are you watching videos from a site called lgbtqgamearchive? Sounds like you were seeking shit out to piss yourself off. I'm sure as fuck not going to click that faggy link.

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I wasn't watching videos from that site, the documentary told people about it.

As much as Voat hates niggers, there may be a whole lot of them here because they can't read.

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Why were you watching a (((documentary))) about vidya?

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Someone has to keep up on their tactics. You must truly know your enemy in order to defeat them.

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How do you defeat them?