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Please note that this feature will not actively monitor or listen in on your conversations—ever—and it’s strictly reserved for reporting online abuse or harassment.

I call bullshit. They will be recording everything and passing it through the ADL-developed voice recognition software, the same shit that detects mentions of Jews, Holocaust, Covid, etc on Youtube and then puts a little warning on your video. Same shit as EA recently announced. FUCK THAT.

There's gonna be a lot of young, white men who are gonna be put on lists because of this nonsense.

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This is disgusting, but the silver lining is that it will be more likely to push those young men our way as they discover the boundaries of their freedom.

[–] Phantom42 ago 

Freedom? What freedom? The only freedom there is, is when jews and their pets are eradicated.

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More people on the "list" dilutes it.

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They aren't wrong.

White supremacists are the greatest threat to ZOG. They made white men into their boogeyman, their enemies, their scapegoat. Now they are demonizing everything that's personally and socially healthy and calling it white supremacy.

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White Supremacy has a new definition: anything that opposes communism. It's great, anyone can be white now so long as they oppose communism. Hispanics, whatever. Just stand against the institutionalized communism and see how fast they call you a white supremacist.

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Fucking jews can't even let us keep white supremacy white!

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Don't forget that these companies are not your friends. They sell product that you enjoy but that just means you need to learn to enjoy something else.

[–] BlueDrache ago 

Books ... I find John Locke to be rather refreshing.

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Always this claim as the left burns down cities. Totally imaginary, yet Biden calls Antifa imaginary as they go around shooting people.

Where are the photos of these alleged groups?

"Simple tactics – such as vehicle ramming, small arms, edged weapons, arson, and rudimentary improvised explosive devices "

"8 of 16 attacks".

Digging into it, so maybe eight attacks from alleged WS, that might involve a gun, knife, fire, or a car. Kek.

That's less than a a summer night in Baltimore - that's what they focus on? Leftist just want to suspend legal rights against forced vaccines or child transitions; wear the mask or go to gitmo. It's another power grab.

WS - James holmes the allrgedly jewish pharmaceutical victim.

Here's terrorism:

Bataclan, Twin towers, ...

[–] Skeptic5000 ago 

When you take into account the technical features of the PS5, there's no reason to buy it either. This just sinks it even lower.

On the other hand, I wouldn't trust Xbox either. After all, it's Bill Gates' console.

[–] CantBuySkills ago 

That's ironic. Only niggers play Playstation anyways.

[–] ginx2666 ago 

I doubt it's related. Soyny would listen and analyze your logs anyway, to censor free speech and better market shit you don't need to you, this may merely be a convenient excuse.

Corporations are amoral, they would sell out either side of debate, depending on which one is on top at the time. Doesn't mean I would gladly execute Soyny America's executives without remorse. Those race traitors, kikes, faggots and deviant enablers deserve to be put down like subhumans they are.

[–] fightknightHERO ago 

omfg, these kikes are gonna push gamers to the ends of the earth until the vidya "online space" will consist of nothing but

jews niggers and faggots

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