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Got all the way to "male penis", went "What do you mean "male...?" oh, yeah, forgot that's a thing now."

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drink verification can

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that was good too, do you have a link?

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Yea do you have a link to your dick pics. It’s not gay

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"national racist individual list"

jesus fucking christ that's probably coming soon

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It probably already is.

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The FBI and DHS have both said White supremacists are the greatest threat to the US government. You can read that as them already having extensive lists and internet history of a fuck of a lot of white people. I'm going to take a wild guess and say this site is likely one of their primary intel gathering resources.

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"Don't worry guys, it's not extra-judicial and only applies to the worst of the worst monsters that somehow serve their full prison time for when they get out."

"Don't sweat it, it's totally only going to be used to keep your families safe so that you can check it, because after all, if they looked at a picture, fucked a 17 year old when they're 18 or pissed in public, and that's what we caught them for, there's no telling what all they were doing up until this point."

"Hey it's cool we're just going to use that same system to track people who abuse animals, because not all animals come from shelters where we can run a background check, sometimes people get pets from breeders and breeders need to make sure that who they're giving an animal to isn't someone running a puppy mill."

"Oh don't you worry we're just going to use that same software again so we can create a list for everyone that ever created a meth lab. Oh no, of course they're not living in a meth lab now, if they were even able to get housing with their felony charge, but the list doesn't matter much because they won't be living in that house for long once their landlord finds out we have them on the map because they once ran a meth lab no big deal don't think about it it's okay just let us do what we can to protect you--"

"Look, if they'll say the 'n-word' in a computer game lobby, they're suffering from cyber dis-inhibition, and they need to be tracked and retrained now because that cyber-dis-inhibition almost seamlessly translates into building pipe bombs or putting pillows over the faces of the elderly or kidnapping kids. Look they can't discern reality from fiction which is why they have made themselves so comfortable to saying 'the n-word' that they're doing it without hesitation in the real world, whereas before they had hope because they were able to keep that behind their anonymous face, but they're too far gone, too far gone. Perhaps they can apply to be removed from the list after taking this behavior modifying medication for the next five years..."

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Considering Steam can nuke your entire account for wrongthink

i don't even considering conspiratorial, it's LITERALLY what's gonna happen

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IIRC the guy in that article kinda lied, he was banned from the steam community, but his games were perfectly playable.

Taking away a steam library would never hold up in a court.

[–] Maroonsaint ago 

It’s what’s gonna happen. I think I’m gonna throw up.73/ my head is spinning

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Glad I was able to enjoy the golden age of gaming. Fuck modern games and gaming companies.

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And we can keep playing games from that era. There's plenty there to find yet.

[–] DantesInf ago 

Nah, multiplayer with voice coms baby!

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It makes you look into old games, movies and shows that you never enjoyed before. There is enough entertainment from the pre-clown world to last you a life time. I'v been playing Morrowind and watching The Sopranos. Need to play Dues Ex from 2000, game is BASED af from the clips i'v seen.

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Pure poetry.

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scary if true

[–] JohnGoodman ago 

True if scary

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Saddest thing is that these parodies end up becoming reality.

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consoles are a scam they say the playstation 4 cost is $384 per console. yeah right...lol. maybe buying the parts at retail value...

they probably cost them like $60 each


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If you ever assembled a pc you'll know it's more expensive than just buying a console. $60 will buy you cheap chinese parts that will go up in flames the moment you turn it on.

[–] israelmossadjewgold ago 

did you see the link? it take them 30 seconds to make one.... all those parts in it took those other companies 30 seconds to make...video cards are insanely overpriced. you are just paying their engineering and devlopment fees not what it cost to make.

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You don't buy consoles for their hardware's performance. You buy them to have access to a platform of games that are optimized for said hardware.

[–] jstressman ago 

And are still inferior to PC? No thanks.

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for a 2013-2014 old apu i believe it

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